How to find a good quality moving company online?

When you have decided to move house, there is a need to find a quality moving company for a good relocation experience. There are many moving companies operating within your local area and although some have built up a reputation over many years, others have invested in a moving truck and claim to be running a removals business withouth the proper licenses. There is no doubt that the moving industry has become a magnet for backyard operators and the accessability of technology has made this even easier to enter the market. It has become very easy to find or choose moving companies on the internet, however finding a professional mover is a skill in itself. 

Online Research about Moving Companies

There are well known sites available to compare movers when you are looking for the right furniture removalist. These websites make a great place to begin your search as they have many registered movers available to choose from. A key factor is that businesses have to register with verified information which gives you a great selection of movers that have had some sort of vetting assessment process. It is a good idea to check company websites and compare business numbers, address and phone numbers listed to the national registrar, this can ensure that information provided is still current and valid.

Get references on Movers

Before making a final decision you should get information about each potential mover. No matter where you live, there are reputable associations that regulate the moving industry, it may be a wise choice to get a list of recommended moving associations. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call them to ask questions directly about their experience, services in dealing with particular moving companies. They make just ask you to stay away from particular businesses that have had a bad reputation.

Read “Moving Companies Reviews” from Real Customers

Read more than one review made by users recently and if possible get recommendations from colleagues, friends and family. You can read the reviews of each potential moving company before making the final decision. Generally, if a moving company has been a bad operator, you should be able to easily find previous clients expressing negative opinions on the internet. Try to read more than one review for each potential company and also try to find the most recent reviews made by other users. 

Be Aware of Any Additional Fees or Packing Costs

A good quality moving company should have all costs associated with moving clearly outlined. They should have no worries in presenting you with any of there fee structure. Movers mostly charge based on the amount of goods you are moving and estimate the number of hours it may take to successfully complete the move. Whether it be a fixed rate or an hourly rate, there may be additional charges if packing is required, if storage is required or if items needs to be carried up a set of stairs. No body likes nasty suprises, so if a mover are transparent and upfront about their fees, this should be an indication that they have nothing to hide. 

Check Moving companies’ credibility, Qualifications, Insurance, and License 

Do not trust any big-name company and also not rely on the cheapest estimate which contain a lack of relevant information. The risk of loss associated with your move is huge if the potential company is not insured. You should check their background to verify qualification, credibility, insurance, and license if you want to avoid the risk to your property.

Be Aware of payment methods

Lastly, a quality mover should not be asking for payment in full upfront before they have even done anything. It is expected that a deposit be paid to lock in the job for the dates you require, however, under no circumstances should you pay a business in full before your items have been delivered to your new home. Professional movers understand this so if a mover requests similar, you should be wary and avoid. It may be a cheap quotation that requires cash in hand that is enticing you, but it is always a better option to avoid these offers. 

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