Importance Of The Teacher In A Condo

Although it is not common, having a teacher accompany users in the condominium gym should be a more frequent practice. It is estimated that only 1% of condominiums with a gym have a teacher hired. The lack of a professional to guide users can cause problems for the condominium, even reaching a lawsuit. An inadequate exercise, for example, can cause injury or an accident. Click on is it good to buy a condo (ซื้อ คอน โด ดี ไหม which is the term in Thai)

The hiring of a teacher ensures the quality of life for the tenants and helps the manager manage their leisure time. This professional will guide the students, set up a program, correct exercises, answer students’ questions,

– The hiring of the teacher must take place according to the demand of the condominium. One idea is to divide the amount to be paid by the professional among the unit owners who are interested in attending classes;

– Survey to know the preferred times for performing physical activities; this will help in defining the professional’s working hours;

– A schedule of 9 hours a week already allows the realization of activities for all ages;

– In addition to classes at the gym, the teacher can implement other activities, taking advantage of the other areas of the condominium: sports school, indoor tournaments, gymnastics, stretching, and tai-chi-chuan in the multi-sports court. The pool could host swimming and water aerobics classes for seniors;

– The teacher can also contribute with campaigns to encourage physical exercise, encouraging residents to use the gym and other condominium facilities. He may even suggest the use of posters be placed on notice boards, drawing the attention of residents;

– This professional will also contribute to a more significant interaction between the unit owners, organizing June parties and other commemorative dates.

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